About Us

Andropack was established within Kansan Group, one of the leading machinery suppliers of wet wipe manufacturing solutions, to provide complete machinery solutions for the entire end-of-line processes.

Founded with a clear vision and a deep-rooted experience with machinery, Andropack combines expertise and innovation to provide high-end robotic end-of-line machines for a variety of industries.

With a passion for success, and a strong emphasis on innovation, our team designs and manufactures robotic case packers & palletizers that are known for their exceptional performance, high reliability, and excellent flexibility.

By always integrating the latest technology into these solutions, we ensure that every aspect of our end-of-line machines is designed and optimized to provide the best performance and highest quality.

Adding Value, Achieving Growth

Our mission is to continually develop new products designed with the latest technology to take the end-of-line processes of our customers to the next level by supporting them to enhance overall performance.

That’s why we are dedicated to adding value to all the solutions we provide.

With these high-end machinery solutions and round-the-clock technical support, we are resolutely pursuing our growth goals, reaching customers across the globe.

Unique Solutions for Unique Needs

Each industry has unique requirements in its manufacturing processes.

Hence, we attach great importance to customization and flexibility, ensuring that our machinery solutions meet the specific needs of our customers precisely.  

To achieve this precise customization, we work closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements and provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from design to implementation and beyond.

Empowering Industries through Advanced Robot-based Machinery Solutions

At Andropack, our vision is to empower industries by taking advantage of the transformative potential of advanced robotics, automation, and machinery.

We believe that integrating automation into manufacturing processes can drive progress, beyond just streamlining processes, and unlock new capabilities for businesses.

Hence we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, integrating the latest trends in servo drives, robotics, and vision systems into our end-of-line solutions.