Cartoning Machines

Andropack provides reliable cartoning solutions which assure full carton control from forming to loading and closing precisely via their well-equipped design with correct erecting, filling, and sealing tools depending on the carton type.

No matter the industry, by being equipped with suitable tools for each task and each type of carton style, the machine achieves optimal performance in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

All about the highest efficiency and maximum availability within a single frame

Andropack Cartoning Machines employ advanced robot technology within a single frame to guide both the products and cartons seamlessly through each step.


This innovative robotic system ensures precise processing quality while offering the benefit of an incredibly compact layout.

The first step of the cartoning process commences by loading the products onto a conveyor system specifically designed to accommodate the product. These products move through the conveyor in perfect synchronization with the opened carton.

To maximize operational efficiency by providing an optimal arrangement of the products within the cartons, the products are grouped by a grouping module before they are loaded into the cartons.

As the carton moves along the conveyor, the product is transferred from the pocket into the requested location within the carton through a precise mechanical pushing system or by advanced robotic systems depending on the specific production requirements.

After the products are successfully loaded, the cartoning process is completed with securely sealing the carton by precise folding and gluing of the flaps.