Case Packing Solutions

Our case packing solutions can handle a very wide range of case sizes and package configurations both vertically and horizontally with simple & tool-less changeovers. 

The smart design of the angled product conveyor, vision-guided infeed, lightweight collating grippers with 3D printed body, dedicated robot filling tools, and case conveying platforms dramatically shorten changeovers and make the machine highly flexible & efficient.

Hence, with Andropack case packers you can keep up with constantly evolving consumer trends by coping with customizations, rapid product changes, and small batch sizes.

Great Flexibility

Has maximum versatility with its ability to be configured to pack products into cases both vertically (on-edge) and horizontally (lay-flat).

Operator Friendly Design

A large 12″ color touchscreen with intuitive icon-driven navigation makes set-up and diagnostics straightforward. Fast, tool-less changeovers and easy cleaning are facilitated by open design of the machine.

High Efficiency & Reliability

Fully servo-controlled sophisticated design provides high-level operational performance. Vision-guided infeed corrects for pack misalignment while multiple axes scara robots collate the products.

High Speed, High Capacity

Packs, pouches and bags of up to 1,2 kg at the speed of up to 200 per minute and a maximum case output of 25 cases per minute.