Cobot Palletizer

Constant changes in consumer trends; growing concerns about logistics breakdowns & warehouse shortages; the fragility of the global supply chain, and the impact of technology on accelerating industrial competition increase the need for automation in different industries.   

Now, more and more manufacturers are looking for an innovative and cost-efficient way of transforming to gain competitiveness and perfectly keep up with the fast-changing global conditions.

We help our customers realize this innovative way through our end-of-line solutions. Our cobot palletizer, designed for operating industrial tasks precisely, supports many businesses to be more efficient while handling challenging factors of global manufacturing transformation.

Small Footprint

The compact design of the cobot palletizer makes the palletizing unit easy to place for our customers.

You can easily set up and integrate the palletizing unit into your manufacturing system without requiring any great changes in your current working space.


Enhanced Safety

The cobot palletizers’ well-equipped design with sensors brings high standards of safety to the workplace.

Highly sensitive sensors help the machine detect different collision scenarios and stop the machine safely when detecting any external forces.