Cobot Palletizer

Redefine the way of working with our new Cobot Palletizer which provides you with a unique experience of efficiency and uptime!

Andropack is constantly developing new solutions that allow its clients to increase their competitiveness while keeping up with the pace of technology.

Andropal-C, a cobot palletizer distinguished by improved dynamic performance, compact design, portability, and higher safety standards, is the unique result of this effort.

It is designed for operating industrial tasks precisely and supports many businesses to be more efficient while handling challenging factors of global manufacturing transformation.

Improved Dynamic Performance

Andropal-C helps you enhance the efficiency of your production lines through its capacity to lift heavy payloads quickly, its ability to handle taller stacks, its usability with multiple lines without extended downtime, and its proven reliability.

  • Up to 10-12 cases per minute (or higher with multi-case picks)
  • Stack height up to 2 meters
  • Case payloads up to 20 kg
  • Easy access with fenceless safety
SDR_6735 kopya
SDR_6708 kopya

Small Footprint & Portability

The compact design of the cobot palletizer makes the palletizing unit easy to place for our customers. Additionally, you can plug this palletizing station into any regular 120 VAC/220 VAC outlet.

In the end, you will not need to make significant changes to set up and integrate the palletizing unit into your current manufacturing system.

  • Footprint of 2600 mm x 1200 mm (with 2 pallets & without conveyor)

Enhanced Safety

Andropal-C is designed to ensure employees and robots work safely together.

The cobot palletizers’ well-equipped design with sensors brings high standards of safety to the workplace.

Area scanners enable full-speed palletizing without additional barriers while assisting the machine in detecting various collision scenarios and safely stopping the machine when it detects any external forces.