Design & Technology

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do”

At Andropack, we always strive to deliver innovative solutions by constantly improving the design of our machines and machine parts in line with the latest technological improvements.

A. Next-Generation End-of-Arm Tools: 3D Printing Solutions for Lightweight Grippers

We combine cutting-edge design and technology to provide highly reliable 3D printing solutions that empower our customers to optimize their production processes.  

Our focus on innovation allows for the in-house production of lightweight collating grippers with 3D-printed bodies, providing exceptionally simple, reliable, and durable end-of-arm tools.

Smart Design Combining Precision and Innovation

Our design process combines precision, creativity, and advanced technology to develop unique collating grippers with simplicity & efficiency in mind.

A streamlined and intuitive design makes our grippers easy to assemble and operate, providing increased productivity.

With Andropack’s specially designed grippers, no more time-consuming changeovers!

Superior Strength/Performance

Andropack’s 3D-printed collating grippers are designed to be incredibly strong and reliable.

We use high-quality materials and advanced printing techniques to ensure that our grippers can withstand any difficulties of your production line, providing highly reliable performance.


Consultation & Design

3D Printing

Quality Control &Testing

On-Demand Delivery

We start by understanding your specific requirements and collaborating with you to create a custom design collating grippers that fits your needs in the best way.

Our team of experienced engineers will guide you through the entire process to ensure that the design meets your exact needs and expectations.

Once the design process is finalized, our advanced 3D printing technology comes into play to bring this customized design to life. The result is a lightweight, reliable, and durable collating gripper that combines the principles of design excellence and advanced technology.

To ensure that our specially designed grippers meet the criteria of highest performance, strength, and reliability, each 3D-printed gripper undergoes attentive quality control and testing procedures before being delivered.

Our highly efficient production process allows us to offer on-demand delivery of your collating grippers.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you in optimizing your operations.

B. State-of-the-art Complementary Machinery

To achieve greater efficiency in complete end-of-line processes, having highly efficient and perfectly matches complementary machinery is crucial. That’s why we prioritize the continuous improvement of our machines and their parts together, keeping up with the latest advancements.

As a result of this effort, we provide state-of-the-art complementary machinery built with advanced technology that perfectly matches our Robotic Case Packers and Palletizers.

Seamless Integration Resulting in Greater Efficiency - Robotic Case Erectors & Sealers

Powered by advanced robotics and precise engineering, Andropack Robotic Case Erectors & Case Sealers can seamlessly be integrated into your production line, offering a reliable complementary solution for your end-of-line process.