Robot based RCP-FP Series case packing solutions of Andropack are capable of handling very wide range of case sizes and package configurations both vertically and horizontally. Stäubli brand fast picker robot, which is the only truly clean picker robots, brings about flexibility, accuracy, consistency and high speed to the case packaging process. The smart design of the angled product conveyor controlled with vision system, robot tools, case conveying platforms dramatically shorten changeovers and make the machine highly flexible and efficient. RCP-FP Serie is particularly well-suited for packaging applications in various fields such as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Products are fed to the machine under full product control by vision system which is also combined with rejection system in case of improper products detected. Vision system reports products’ coordinates to the robot control system. Multiple axis robots with specially constructed tools handle collation on angled conveyor that allows both horizontal & vertical packaging in the same machine. Automatically erected cases or trays by our integrated case erector are placed onto case conveyor and automatically registered for packing by dedicated smart case conveying platforms. Right after arranged product groups are picked and placed by packing robot equipped with dedicated filling tools, integrated case sealer steps in.

The result is an efficient, high-speed machine that is easy to use, can be adapted to customer specifications, and increases output by facilitating uninterrupted production runs in large batches.