Flow-wrapping Machines

The consumer market is always asking for wider packaging diversity while materials and packaging patterns are constantly evolving.

Andropack offers solutions that will enable manufacturers to quickly adapt to changing market expectations, with inspiration from technology and the strength of its experience in the sector.

For Excellent Packs

Andropack manufactures flow-wrapping systems which are designed to achieve excellent packs with the ultimate flexibility and high capacity.

Flow-wrapping machines with robotic infeed

Our flow-wrapping machines with integrated robotic infeed provide unique opportunities for companies looking for a cost-efficient and extremely flexible packaging solution.

Compared to mechanical flow-wrapping solutions with conventional infeed, the packaging process is realized much more efficiently by having great flexibility.

Wide Range of Packaging Options with High Performance

The perfect combination of pick & place robots and a flow-wrapping unit brings an all-around solution for packaging various products with almost limitless packaging options.  

The pick & place robots place each product into the infeed system of the flow-wrapping machine.

By changing the number and type of pick & place robots, we can perfectly adapt the performance range of our machines to your needs.


Robotic Precision

Check out this video to see how pick-and-place robots seamlessly integrate with the flow-wrapping unit, providing unparalleled precision in handling various products.