Lid Robots

Robotic Lid Applicators are high platform independent robotic lid dispensing machines that can be placed at the flow packing process to apply plastic lids on the top of the flow-wrapped packages.

Thanks to its 3-head operation, advanced robot programming, and mechanical versatility this machine can work with various sizes and shapes of plastic lids with precision. A robust design contributes in the best possible way to bring out perfectly lidded packs in continuous mode.

Comparing the other lid applicators in the industry, heavy maintenance requirement of the robot is very low and the cost of upkeep and wear parts are close to none. Engineered to be the most reliable machine on your shop floor.

Main Features

  • Best-in-class scara 4-axis robot
  • Integrated robot arm design with utmost hygiene and cleanliness
  • No outside moving joints, valves, or hoses
  • State-of-the-art vision system
  • Hot melt unit
  • On-lid Labeler
  • Servo-controlled changeover lid magazine
  • Low maintenance and upkeep cost
  • Able to handle various lid sizes and shapes
  • Highest tracing speed of the industry 630 mm per second
  • Highest IP protection class in the industry


  • Accurate lid dispensing and positioning on packs
  • Stable and straight hot melt contour application
  • Up to 120 lids per minute lidding capacity
  • One-time-right adjustment
  • Extreme configurability
  • Fast and flexible format change
  • Industry 4.0. compliant components
  • Excellent machine uptime, OEE values, and lowest online wastage margins of the industry