Robotic Palletizer & Depalletizer

The use of robots in palletizing is key to achieving a more flexible, reliable, and stable palletizing process.

While it offers a significant reduction in errors and damages during the handling of products, it also allows for faster production rates and can operate continuously without the need for breaks or rest periods. Owing to all these qualifications, using fully automatic palletizers results in cost savings for companies.

Andropack designs and develops its palletizing systems to be ideal for industries that require high levels of customization and flexibility in their manufacturing processes. Robots can be outfitted with different types of tools to handle palletizing all kinds of products; hence we provide our customers with increased throughput and reduced costs.



Andropack’s palletizing solutions consist of the following specifications:

  • Infeed product conveyor
  • Outfeed conveyor that transfers stacked pallets
  • Safety devices like fencing and light curtains
  • Custom-designed end of arm tool (vacuum or gripper style) expanding the robot’s capabilities


For advanced capabilities depending on your specific needs, the following specifications can also be included in our palletizing system:

  • Automatic Slip Sheet/Tier Sheets Dispensers
  • Automatic Pallet dispensers
  • Case Conveyance
  • Integrated Labeler