Robotic Case Erectors & Case Sealers

Ensure the structural excellence of your cases for greater efficiency with better packing, stacking, and protecting!

Andropack Robotic Case Erectors convert case blanks into fully erected, sealed cases with perfectly aligned sides that offer perfect structural integrity with robust closure.  

With the unique design consisting of a cobot, an ergonomically designed case magazine, and a bottom flap folder with an integrated case sealing system; it can be quickly adjusted to various case dimensions, ensuring a seamless transition between different packaging requirements.

Standard Features

  • Capacity of 15 cases/minute
  • Bottom flap closing and sealing with tape or hotmelt
  • Easy to load magazine design with a capacity of 70-110 cartons
  • Ability to work with different case dimensions
  • Smooth case transition process
  • Flexible end-of-arm tool to eliminate changeover downtime

Optional Features

Andropack offers its customer a variety of optional features for Case Erector & Sealer Machines depending on the different parameters regarding case types & dimensions, machine frame, requested capacity, case closing methods, and the magazine design.

  • Multiple case magazine integration
  • Stainless steel frame & components
  • Higher speed capacity (up to 25 cases/minute)